PVoutput Last Update 2106 but won't Stop

The PVoutput uploader has generally worked well for me, but right now it’s stuck. It says “PVoutput: Running, Last update 07/02/2106 6:28:16 am”. If I click “Stop” then it does not stop. I’ve tried restarting the device many times with no change.
I’ve tried deleting the PVOutput Config, restarting the device, then reconfiguring, but no luck. Even after I’ve deleted the PVOutput configuration, the " PVoutput: Running, Last update 07/02/2106 6:28:16 am " message remains on the status page.
I am a PVOutput doner.
Any ideas?

What is the PVoutput name?

That looks OK . Can I see your PVoutput setup please?

See screenshot attached It’s been all working fine for literally years. It appears to have failed after the power went out and the device restarted I think.

emoncms uploader is working fine.

(NOTE: I’ve played around with the pvoutput config over the last few days - deleted it, replaced it)

That looks OK as well. When IoTaWatt starts an uploader, it first queries the server to find out the date and time of last upload and seamlessly uploads from then.

The PVoutput API is “Get Status Service”. The first two data items returned are the date and time of last upload. Given that everything else looks OK, I suspect that you are getting a bad date from that API.

I’ve hotlinked the PVoutput description in case you want to try to try it with CURL. If not, you can send me your API key in a Private Message and I will check it.