PVOutput - Power OK but zero energy

I just got my iotawatt setup - very impressed so far!

I am replacing a crappy Watts Clever clamp system using PVBeanCounter I thought I would get PVOutput updating before trying anything clever.

I have a single clamp currently installed on the mains, and no generation. Everything looks fine in the iotawatt graphs and status, however when uploading to PVOutput, it appears it is sending zero energy, so the Power Used updates but the Energy Used does not.

This attached screenshot gives you an idea of where my old system stopped and the new one started (a whole lot of extra zeroes and the energy used stops accumulating)

You can take a look in detail here:
GerardHaus 0.050kW (pvoutput.org)

From looking at the pvoutput forums, it appears it only calculates energy used if the energy value is not received, but in this case we seem to be sending zero.

My setup is also attached,. “Mains” is the clamp on the main circuit.

Here is my status also in case it’s helpful. I am aware that some of my clamps are around the wrong way and will get the electrician to correct that next week!

Any help appreciated as I’m keen to get this squared away before delving into fun stuff like EmonCMS and Home Assistant integration :slight_smile:

Try removing the generation output, leaving just consumption and voltage.

Thanks, I had initially done it that way but added the zero generation when attempting to solve the issue.

But at some point yesterday the Energy Used started incrementing, and today it’s been fine. It must have just been confusion at the PVOutput end from receiving data from two different devices on the same day.

Appreciate the reply anyway, and in the meantime I also got the Home Assistant integration working which is great. Going to play with emon and/or influx/grafana now.