PVoutput service stopping due to server maintenance

A problem has been identified where the PVoutput service is stopping after scheduled maintenance outages of the PVoutput server. This happened on:

  • Thu 27 Jun 04:00 AM UTC (14:00 AEST | Wed 26 Jun 21:00 PDT)
  • Sat 29 Jun 02:00 AM UTC (12:00 AEST | Fri 28 Jun 19:00 PDT)
  • Wed 03 Jul 02:00 AM UTC (12:00 AEST | Tue 02 Jul 19:00 PDT)

IoTaWatt reports an unrecognized error and stops posting to PVoutput.
Local logging of power continues and upload to other servers like influxDB or a Emoncms is unaffected. Upon restart, all missed uploads to PVoutput are recovered.

If you are using PVoutput and your service has stopped, simply power cycle the IoTaWatt to recover. I’ll be looking into why this caused the service to stop and fixing the problem in an upcoming release.

I have seen my PVoutput stopping and was wondering why.

I did a Restart (not power cycle) and it seemed to restart till the next time it stopped.

Thanks for the update.

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