PVoutput Stops Uploading

Hello Bob,

A couple of times, may be more in the last few weeks, the upload to PVoutput has stopped. Looking at the log, which I’ve PM’d to you, there are a few entries like this:

6/11/19 01:01:08z PVoutput: Transaction Rate-Limit exceeded. Waiting until 02:100:

and this:

6/21/19 08:41:02z timesync: Kiss-o’-Death, code RATE, ip:

The last PVoutput entry was at 0450 on 27 June 19.

I’d be grateful if you could take a look at the log please.

I was one of the early buyers, via OEM, some twenty months ago and haven’t really had any issues until this one. My current IoTaWatt installation is fairly minimalistic but I plan to change that later in the year.

Let me know if you require any further information.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Hello Steve,

You are reporting two, maybe three, different issues.

First, the “Kiss-o-Death” messages are unrelated to any PVoutput issues. IoTaWatt queries a time server every hour, and the time server pool being used in the current release sometimes rejects such a request if it feels you are pestering them with excessive requests (“rate”). These are not causing any problem in the logs you posted. Subsequent requests succeeded. The next release will use Google time services which don’t seem to care how often you ask and I believe have greater local presence globally.

Second, PVoutput has a limit on the number of transactions you can do each hour. You get a lot more when you donate a few bucks, but the free service is fine for ordinary operation. When IoTaWatt gets a response that the limit is reached, it pauses until the next period when the quota is restored. In your case, you have set PVoutput to upload history beginning on 5/24, and so it does that each time it restarts, forcing you to exceed the transaction limit. So on 6/10 it took three hours to upload that history, pausing shortly into each hour as the transaction limit was exceeded. If you clear the upload history date in the PVoutput service, that should stop.

The third problem is the “Fatal response” from PVoutput. I think this is because 5/24 exceeds the lookback period for uploading live data for non-donator mode. I’ll look into that, but I think if you remove the upload history date as suggested in the issue above, that will go away.

You may exceed the transaction limit on restart as it tries to continue from wherever it left off, but if you are patient, it should catch up and work fine going forward.

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Apologies for the delayed acknowledgement Bob. I think now is the time is to become a PVoutput doner. Rgds, Steve


I can say it is well worth anything you can give them. I love it.

FYI, yesterday PVOutput had maintenance for 20 mins.
We all got this

7/03/19 12:05:00 PVoutput: Fatal response
7/03/19 12:05:00 PVoutput: Stopped.

Would be good if it retried in an hour or something.

Thanks. Im looking into that. In the meantime, restarting your IoTaWatt should restore everything.