PVOutput - Thank You and a Question

Just a quick question to make sure I have the PVOutput setting correct for the outputs. Thank you @overeasy for adding this to the product and I’m now a proud donator to the project.

Generation = Total Solar input (for me Solar1 + Solar2)
Voltage = My reference Voltage setting
Consumption = Is this simply (Total Grid usage) or is this what the home is consuming such as (Total_Solar -Total Grid) at the time whether solar and grid, etc.?

Here is an image of what I currently have set in the PVOutput configuration:

Refresh my memory as to how your solar feeds in. Does it go into a CB in the bottom of your panel or does it tie to the mains before the panel? The bottom line is that consumption should be the power that you are using. What the emon people call “use”.

So if the inverter comes into your panel through a CB at the bottom, and your mains go negative on export, then consumption is:

(Mains_1 + Mains_2 + Solar_1 + Solar_2) max 0

The new max function forces consumption to remain zero when you are exporting.

If your Inverter feeds in before your mains CTs, then what you have should be correct.

Awesome as I have the CB at the bottom (US Tesla install). So, I should go in and make the necessary change to start uploading the correct consumption to PVOutput. I will have to also have a look at EmonCMS and make sure I have have same setup. I do a bunch of exporting and my old maths tell me you have the right formula above. Thank you sir. Off to make a few changes.

Wonder if I should delete the older PVOutput feed info and re-upload it again after the change is made and saved!

Here is what I have now:

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You don’t need to delete it. Just set the “upload history from” and check the “reload” box and save. It should justoverwrite the old data. Be sure to uncheck the reload box after the history is uploaded so it won’t do it again after the next restart.

You might want to just upload a couple of days first to make sure it’s right, then go back and reload 14 or 90 days depending on your donator status.

Great idea. I only have about 3 months of data and donated so it is rather quick but I like the load a bit and test option. Thanks again for the wonderful support and product!