PVOutput Voltage Only, no save button - explained


I’ve setup PVOutput for my solar array and its working well, but I saw recently I can use Iotawatt to push data into it.

The solar installer didn’t install my Iotawatt properly so I only have 1 CT and the Voltage working at the moment. I have to pay another electrician to pull the board back apart and hook up the rest of the CT hopefully soon.

I noticed when adding PVOutput data uploader that I can’t simply select voltage only. It seems I must also select either consumption or generation to see a save button.

Is it possible to work around this somehow and just push voltage up? I’m already feeding in data via the Enphase direct integration with PVOutput, so the generation/consumption isn’t needed.

So was just hoping in the short term to fill in the voltage column.

Not even sure what purpose it serves, but I just didn’t like have a blank column.


No, when uploading live data, PVoutput requires either generation or consumption or both.

thanks, would you know if Iotawatt sends null generation data with the voltage, would the enphase data overwrite it?

or just wait until I can get power meter board rebuilt again?

The upload is a comma delimited string. If there is no generation specified, it will send , for that, but if you want to upload without generation, you will need to specify consumption.