Question and maybe minor Issue RESOLVED

Hi Bob,
Got my iotawatt here in aussie early this week, this weekends task is to get just the basic setup working. I’ve installed the VT and 3 CTs, 1 for each phase. I think i’ve got it all configure properly re phases etc so will give it a few days to settle in and then I can check the numbers vs the electricity meter.

So far this is perfect for my needs, great work!!

2 questions, or 1 question and 1 potential bug report…

#1 I’ve got 2 meters of wire for the 5V USB brick and also the VT, is there any reason why I cant shorten both the wires to 20cm to make my install nice and tidy?
I’ve ordered one of these so I can just chop off the usb plug and replace with barrel plug at the right length…

#2 In the Device setup screen, I’m expecting the “Allow Daylight Time” checkbox to remain checked? Its not doing that for me… (Firmware version 02_03_21)

Many regards

#1 I wouldn’t recommend it, but i don’t see any reason why it won’t work if done properly. Don’t know if reversing polarity would damage the nodeMCU, so carefull.

#2 what timezone offset are you specifying?

#1 Ok, I’ll think about if its worth the risk…
#2 Timezone I’ve set to 11, assuming that I’m currently UTC+11

So are you in Australia Eastern Time Zone? That time zone is UTC+10 for standard time and UTC +11 for DST (which you would be in effect now).

If that is the case, you would enter +10 for the timezone offset and check the DST box. IoTaWatt should recognize that DST is in effect and use UTC+11 for local time, and the checkbox should remain checked.

It was clearing because there is no DST rule for a UTC +11 standard time zone.

Sweet! Sorted thanks.

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