Question Current vs History Log

I am reloading all my data into influxdb2. Looking to change some of my mappings in the process etc. as well

I thought it would import all the data from History and current but it seems like it is just grabbing from the current log. What is the difference between the 2 logs and can I go back into the history log and get data into influxdb2?


Also while we are thinking about it does the current log just keep 1 year of history?

Thanks for a great product.

Current log keeps the most recent year (approximately). When full it wraps around and begins to overwrite the older entries. You can see that as it updates the begin date advances along with the end date. The current log is high resolution with 5 second samples. Uploaders operate exclusively from the current log.

The history log keeps up to the years of data but at one minute resolution. That is to say that the data is one minute averages as opposed to the five second averages in the current log.

Most queries of a day or more will use the history log. Queries fora period of 12 hours or less will typically use mostly current log.

Hmm anyone taken the history log and imported it into influxdb? if so how much work was it?