Question on install - dryer / hot tub sub panel and CT's

Great product… have it temporarily installed with just a few CTs on and it has been within a few hundred watts of the utility meter. Next weeks project is to make it permanent - the panel is in our finished basement so its proving to be a challenge with the WAF.

I want to make sure I my “math is correct” with the CT’s for a 60 am sub panel for the hot tub and the dryer.

Its 200 amp service so I have 100 amp CTs on the mains. One is installed reversed. On the 60 amp hot tub sub panel, I have 2 CT’s with one reversed on install… question… the way I read it… if I use 100 amp CT’s, I CANT use a headphone splitter to combine them since the load doubled would be essentially 120 amps. Correct? For the dryer on the otherhand it should be fine since its 30 amps and the CT’s are 100.

thanks for any advice anyone has!

You should be OK with the sub-panel on 100A CTs, but your mains should be 200A.

Thanks!! I didnt do a good job of proofing my post before I sent it… lol On the mains, I have the 200amp CT’s, not 100… so for the 60 amp hot tub sub, if I am reading it correct, I cant put 2 of the 100 amp CT’s together with one reversed and then combine them with a headphone splitter? Is it if the CT’s are are at least the amperage of the circuit then combining with a splitter should be ok?


No, the rational is that breakers are sized for a 25% safety factor, so the nameplate Amps for your hot-tub should be 50Amps or less.

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