Questions about large installations

I have 400A split service. Split into two 200A panels. 30 ckts in one panel and 32 in the other. North America - 120/240. I’d like to monitor all circuits but from reading the IoTaWatt website, I’m unclear as to how one would monitor more than 14 circuits if I use the 400A CTs. I am assuming (maybe incorrectly?) that if I purchase 2 of the main units I could use 200A CTs and then monitor 28 circuits. Does this mean that I would have to access a separate interface for each of the main units or does one of the main units assume a primary role and have the other units report through it? Does anyone have any drawings of how something like this would work? If I wanted to monitor all of my circuits what would I need?
Thanks in advance.

An IoTaWatt has 15 inputs. One is always voltage, the other 14 are used to monitor circuits. With two units, you would have 28 available to monitor circuits. If the 400A feed is reasonably close to where the IoTaWatt will be, you can monitor the combined mains with two 400A CTs plugging into 2 inputs on one of the units. That would leave 26 for branch circuits. If the main feeder is not convenient, you would use two sets of 200A plugged into 4 inputs, leaving 24 for branch circuits.

Each IoTaWatt has a datalog that records the data that it collects. You can query, graph, and download that data from each unit individually but there is no way to directly access the data collectively through the IoTaWatt web servers.

There are plenty of IoTaWatt users with two or more units. Some upload to emoncms to aggregate, but most seem to use influxDB/Grafana on a local host like a raspberry Pi or NAS box. It’s pretty straightforward how to set that up, and usually one or more users on this forum will help if you get stuck.

You can make dashboards with Grafana to get the big picture, but if you should want specific details about any one of the circuits, it is usually easier and faster to just use Graph+ on the unit that monitors that circuit.

The IoTaWatt documentation has instructions for how to setup continuous upload of data to emoncms, influDB and PVoutput servers.

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Thank you for that very clear explanation.