Re-Upload all IotaWatt data to Emoncms?

I recently discovered that I goofed up the configuration of one of my Emoncms inputs/feeds. I deleted the old feeds, and re-created them correctly. It’s working now, but 6 months of history is gone (for that Emoncms feed). Am I correct in saying that the only way to rectify this and gain access to the history (on Emoncms) is to re-upload all the data ?

So, pretty sure the procedure is this:

  1. Within IotaWatt, delete my Emoncms configuration completely
  2. Within Emoncms, delete all feeds
  3. Within IotaWatt, create a new Emoncms configuration (using desired historical start date)
  4. Let it run the upload briefly ?
  5. Go to Emoncms, and re-create all my feeds (e.g. Log to feed, Power to kWh)
  6. Within IotaWatt, unpause the historical upload

Is that about right ?

Unfortunately, Emoncms will not accept an input with an older timestamp. So you need to delete the inputs in order to start uploading historical data. Also unfortunate is that when you delete an input, you also lose all of the input processes. So in addition to taking a long time to upload, it is tedious to delete and reconfigure the input processes. Fortunately, you won’t need to delete and reconfigure the IoTaWatt service.

  1. You don’t need to delete the Emoncms configuration in IoTaWatt. You can just stop it using the stop button in the Emoncms tab of the status display.

  2. Within Emoncms, delete all of the inputs. When IoTaWatt restarts, it will look at the inputs to determine where to start, and if any are more current than your upload date, it will start at the more current date. Not sure if yuou need to delete the feeds, but probably a good idea.

  3. No need to recreate the Emoncms configuration in IoTaWatt as it’s only paused, but be sure it now has the values you want to send.

  4. Use the start button in the status display to restart the Emoncms service. Watch the date when it starts to be sure it is restarting where you specified, then press stop again to pause it.

  5. Within Emoncms, add the process lists for each of the inputs.

  6. Within IoTaWatt, unpause the upload.

Note: The start/stop button can take a few seconds to work, and sometimes doesn’t. When you click it, wait 10-15 seconds for the status to change before pressing again.