Recommendation for Cellular routers

We have a deployment that is in a remote area without internet connectivity. Has anyone in North America had good luck with a cost effective wireless solution that would pair well with IoTaWatt. Egauge recommends multitech units, but these require RS485 input. I’m trying to avoid cobbling together different technology. Thanks!

I am in Australia so am only talking theoretically - but you can get a small router with a USB port that would do this - i have this as a backup for a number of sites for different requirements - we then use a USB 4G modem - we can purchase a cheap 365 day plan here in Australia with reasonable data limits and just insert the SIM into the USB modem.

This is the router we use flashed with OpenWRT

It acts as a WIFI Access point for the IOTAWatt and then uses the USB 4G dongle to communicate with the internet (we use this for remote support - but exactly the same concept) - we then use a 5m USB extension cable to get a reasonable amount of height for the 4G modem


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