Recording a tiny bite of weather data

Hi all,

I was thinking it would be pretty brilliant if IOTAWatt could record a daily average temperature from the prior day as posted to Weather Underground, Ambient Weather, or some other site and be able to show that in Graph+ as something like a data channel.

Whatcha think? Anyone aggregating their data somewhere else that plots temperature?

InfluxDB for storage and aggregation of disparate data sources. Grafana for very nice visualizations.


@frogmore repy is the right approach.

However…. …If using influx you will have the choice of version 1.8 and version 2

They use very different query languages to get the data out and into grafana. Iotawatt works with both (if hosted locally).

Version 1.8 is SQL like in its approach to queries.

Version 2 uses flux which is radically different and has proved hard for beginners but has advantages for complex queries. Cloud hosted version 2 requires a proxy to translate the http output from IoTaWatt to https.

Version 3 (available commercially at the moment, the open source version is expected late this year) returns to SQL like queries with flux being deprecated (mostly)

Current guidance for beginners is to install 1.8 and upgrade to 3 once a stable version is available. Run locally if possible (raspberry pi) and back up your data.

While v2 does prefer Flux, it works perfectly fine with IQL. I use both. IQL is easier to get started, but has some limitations.

Setting up InfluxDB and Grafana does require some effort as there is a lot to learn and many choices to make.

InfluxDB v2 was all about the Flux language and a much broader set of API capabilities along with an integrated UI.

From: InfluxDB 3.0 System Architecture | Hacker News

I think it will be some time before v3 is ready for OSS and then there will probably be some changes needed for Iotawatt to use it.

I have multiple instances of InfluxDB running locally. I didn’t like the first few versions of v2 and gave up on it for a few years. I was setting up a new system so I tried it again. I really like having a UI for it. It isn’t perfect, but it makes it easy to see the data and try things to figure out the queries. For most simple queries IQL is much easier. I only use Flux for queries that are complex and typically cross measurement fields.

So, just because v2 has Flux doesn’t mean you have to use it.