Release 02_04_01 to ALPHA soon

I’ve published maintenance release 02_04_01 and will make it ALPHA in a day or so. This release contains no new functionality, but brings in some bug fixes, improvements, updates tables, and some contributed PRs to fix various issues.

  • Add various CTs and VTs to tables
  • Scavenge more heap using progmem
  • Add trace to WiFi
  • Fix heap allocation in charstar()
  • Decrease buffer sizes
  • Fix low measurement spike on startup (again)
  • PR #210 make graph.htm protocol independent
  • Retry PVoutput on unrecognized errors

The new graph will be finished in a later release but the WIP is there for demo and comments.

This release will go ALPHA tonight 7/25/19.

Scratch that - postponing.

Any update on an ETA for 2.4.1?

Thanks in advance,
Michael Foster.

02_04_02 should be out soon.

02_04_01 had an issue. By the time I discovered it, I had a couple of other significant changes in the staging area, so I decided to wait for that. 02_04_02 has been running in pre-ALPHA testing for a week now with no issues. I’ll probably release it ALPHA next week.

The two most significant things in 02_04_02 are:

Unit runs in safe mode if config file is damaged or lost, so you can use the file manager to fix or replace it. Also saves last known viable copy of the config in the SPIFFS file system on the ESP8266, so even if the SDcard were damaged (very rare), you could restore your config to a new card and start fresh.

A new release can be uploaded and installed using the file manager. This solves one of the problems of updating units not connected to the internet, or otherwise unable to auto-update. It also makes it possible to upload any release, regardless of whether it is current for a particular auto-upgrade class. Still requires the secure signed release files from the IoTaWatt website, but you can download with a PC and then upload to the IoTaWatt.

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Great thanks for the update.

They sound like some great incremental improvements.

Good to see consideration for edge cases and recovery from failure.