Release 02_05_10 ALPHA

Add support for new CTs in tables.txt file
Add a new tab to the status display to show WiFi status.

Release 02_05_090 has been in the field for four months and general release (MAJOR) for four months. It has been extremely stable with no outstanding support issues. This release should be no different. I expect to make it the general release within a few weeks.

@overeasy will 02_05_10 contain the new URL graph= & embed features?

Hi Andrew,
Thanks for bringing this up. The branch with those changes as well as the PRs that you submitted are not in 02_05_10. That’s what ALPHA is for - minimizing my mistakes. I’ll cut another release. It should be ready to go ALPHA as soon as I test regression and burn it in for a few days.

No worries at all. Thanks @overeasy.