Release date of IoTaWatt Ethernet / RJ45 version? 2020. Spring possible?


Anyone knows the release date of IoTaWatt Ethernet / RJ45 version? At many situations, pointless to use WIFI if all wired / UTP connection. At my home automation system I use Ethernet switches / router / NAS / sensor and web servers, etc, all using UTP cables with RJ45. I need an energy measure like IoTaWatt, but I don’t want get a WIFI router only for this one because 30-50 cm distance the measured energy source and the web server what will store the data. For that 30-50 cm and only for that I try to do not build WIFI network.

If not planned… Any chance or way to make 1 copy or beta version for me with Ethernet connection? I can test it and I can pay for it. Also perfect for me if you leave WIFI hardware support on a product, just simply disable it / soldering down / or just set disabled to be a backup if anything happening with wired connection (what never ever happens with me: to wired network down and WIFI worked… but tons of time happens with me: WIFI network down (AP or WIFI client died) BUT wired network still works perfectly.)

Please find a way to help me, I want a WIN-WIN situation: I will happy with Ethernet(+WIFI?) version of IoTaWatt and you had a more reliable product, more business ready product.

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I recognize the interest in this, and I have looked into it for both the ESP8266 and ESP32. Without getting into the details, trust me when I say it is not technically feasible.

I’ve said before, the most viable alternative is an inexpensive access point.

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I trust you, you know more the hardware than me.
Just about connecting any type of Ethernet shield seems like more easy than making an energy monitor hardware. My tips about that: using same data bus or something for communicating with sensor, and also need the same way for Ethernet shield?

Ok, Ethernet / RJ45 connection not possible currently.

USB 2.0? (Serial? ( SPI? I2C? UART? ) Modbus? 1Wire? USB based Ethernet? MQTT? GPIO? CAN? )
Any other popular bus / protocol what is wired and enough fast / stable for 14 sensor’s data communication? I want to read data from Raspberry Pi.

Sorry, I know I mixed a lot of way for communication what is protocol, not valid in list, just finding a solution for wired communication.

Actually seems like more easy to get a WIFI AP and connecting to device with WIFI and DONE.

The reason why I don’t give up: for very similar product (Open Energy Monitor with Ethernet Shield), what is more like DIY, and also ESP32/ESP8266/Arduino UNO, Leonardo, NanodeRF based + same sensors is possible to add Ethernet shield and working as I see at forum.

This IoTaWatt product better for me for 2 reason than (OpenEnergyMonitor) DIY from hardware parts and try to make a same:

  • This product is done, just need to set sensors to good place and setup, no need soldering, etc.
  • Can easily handle 14 sensors, what is excellent for me.
  • WIFI only, no wired Ethernet connection.