Remote connection request (research)

We’ve bought an IoTaWatt device while we install a solar panel system (it’ll take some time). In the meantime, we would love to be able to connect to a remote system to be able to make measurements and get to know how the device works.
Can we get access to some remote solar installation for this purpose?, it’s for a research project and milestones are getting close and the solar installation is taking some time due to local permits.
Thanks a lot, Miguel

I don’t have a solar feed (surrounded by tall pine trees), so can’t offer you that, but if you have a unit, there is no reason why you can’t set it up in an office or home to learn how to use it.

Hi! we bought the unit but we don’t have it yet, it will take some time to arrive in Spain. That’s why, in the meantime, we would love to connect to a remote unit to try it out. Thanks!

Any idea who can give us a hand on this?