Remote logging without Wifi

Good day Sir,

I have a few questions before buying a IoTaWatt system. I searched the forum for answers, but could not find what I was looking for.

  1. I would like to use the unit at client’s houses to monitor energy use before recommending a solar system. Not all houses have wifi access where the distribution panel is located. Would it be possible to have the unit log data for a week to the SD card and then retrieve the data from the SD when I connect the unit to wifi upon return to my house?

  2. Would you mind pointing me to the best thread for setting up a VPN connection in case the client has wifi available?

Thanking you in advance.

Yes, you can do that. You will need to initially use WiFi to set the clock and to configure it. You can usually just connect it to a phone hotspot and get it working onsite. When you leave with the phone, the LED will turn red when it disconnects but will continue to log. It will restart every hour to try to reconnect, but that only takes several seconds.

There is such variety in WiFi that it’s not possible to offer help in that regard. The usual approach is to setup port forwarding on the router to route an external port to the IoTaWatt IP address port 80. You should setup an admin password on the IoTaWatt.

Thank you very much for your reply overeasy, I appreciate it.