Renaming input channel

I needed to change the name of an input because I movedthe CT to a different circuit. Erased the old one and typed in the new one. Pushed SAVE and went back to setup, nothing changed, old name was still there. Tried again this time i hit DELETE ,went back to SETUP, INPUTS Chanel is blank but still there, entered new channel name, type CT and original MODEL NUMBER, and then hit SAVE, go back to SETUP, INPUTS, still blank didn’t retain the saved changes. Now when I go to graph nothing shows on this channel. What am I doing wrong?

That’s a long sequence and hard to follow exactly what happened. So could you post a screen shot of your inputs as they are now, and then a shot of what is not working in graph?

Understand that when you select a particular input in graph, it plots the historical data for the input channel currently associated with the input name, regardless of what input channel was associated with that name before.

Thank you for your response. I found the cause of my problem. When naming a channel you can not include open spaces. Example I was trying to name the channel “Apt Heat Pump”. That name won’t work. When I used “AptHeatPump” (all one string of characters) it worked.