Request error "range" in newly installed unit "last 3 hours"

I just started up my new IoTaWatt unit with just its single Input_0 transformer connected. In the Graph+ area, some of the hour-based graph time periods trigger Request error messages such as the one below. Perhaps it’s because the unit hasn’t got that much data to graph yet? The problem went away after the unit had been up and running for 10 hours or so; it was just unpleasant to see this as my first experience with the unit. When I find and get oriented to the source code I might be able to give comments on possible fixes. I like this unit; nice work!

I’ve just installed mine and noticed the same issue when I try to look at any range less than “last 12 hours”. It doesn’t make sense to me, since I only have a few minutes of data, I thought I should be able to zoom into the last hour or so. The original graph does not have this problem.

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