Reset password in AP mode or cannot access with IotaWatt password

I bought two devices Iotawatt v5 from a german company who got rid of them and I am using it in France. Wifi device name appears correctly on mobile phone. Unfortunately I am unable to input correct password in AP mode to access configuration. “IotaWatt” standard password does not work. There is no /iotawatt/auth.txt file in SD card on both devices. 9V AC ref are correctly inserted and working (and were used by previous company). Any idea to reset password ?

Yeah, the password you are looking for is the device name, found in the config.txt file.

So, you will need to remove the SDcard and look at the config.txt file to see the device name.


You can use that name or edit the file to change it. After replacing and restarting, that name will be the password. Be sure to JSON LINT the file if you change it.

This works perfect, thank you