Resetting my meter

My meter stopped working some time back. It reset back to default. However, it still connects to the WiFi network that I first connceted it to. I would like to reset it to its default settings using the following command as well as http://iotaWatt.local/command?disconnect=yes
I have the device is still connected with a sequence of Green Red Red Green instead of Red Green Green.
How can I troubleshoot this problem?

Moderator: For benefit of context, the LED sequence above was edited a day later from “Red Red Green” to “Green Red Red Green”. A completely different problem.

See the troubleshooting section of the documentation at

The unit is not connected to WiiFi, and should be broadcasting an access-point SSID that looks like Iotannnnnn. You should be able to connect to that and configure a new WiFi network.

If you power cycle the unit, it should blink RGG for about three minutes then go to RRG if you have not connected.

Once you get it connected toWiFi, you should not need to use a URL to disconnect again, there is a disconnect function in the tools menu.

I have followed the steps and looked at the config file in the sd card. Actually all the files therein are in unicode and I have no idea how to edit them to get this meter working. What is the easier way to replace the sd contents so that it can work?

Secondly, how do you even read the recorded results from the sd card? say where the you wanted to

You are all over the place. The original problem reported is that the meter “stopped working” yet there is no description of what that means. You reported that you were having trouble connecting to a new WiFi, and I pointed you to the troubleshooting documentation as well as explicit instructions on how to connect after a power-cycle.

As of the original problem report, the unit was blinking RRG. That can only happen after the config file is successfully processed, so I don’t know why the config file is now the topic of discussion, if you successfully connected to look at the SD card or have have removed the SD card to examine it.

So here’s what I can do. Send the base unit to me and I’ll run diagnostics on it and return it in good working order.

IoTaWatt, inc
PO Box 1679
Wolfeboro, NH 03894

I noticed that the blinking sequence was G-R-R-G. Please refer to your troubleshooting solution for this kind of problem. You recommend the checking of the SD/Config.txt file. I have reported to you that I do not know how to rectify that particular file for proper functioning. I only need to have that fixed. Asking me to send you the base unit from South Africa is so costly as you can imagine. And I am just asking questions, not being all over the place.

So is the unit connected to WiFi? If not, what happens immediately after you power cycle? You need to be connected to WiFi to address this new config issue.

The meter connects to my Wifi network. However the power cycle does not change from its RGGR. How do I address this problem?

I don’t know what version of the firmware you are running, so I’m going to assume it’s at least 02_04_00.

From the config app, select Tools->File Manager

I’m interested in seeing the directory in the left column:


In the picture, I have expanded the esp-spiffs directory entry. Please do that. Then click on the config.txt file if you have one. You should see a config file in the editor window.

Please post a screenshot of the entire screen with both the file list and config editor window.

Now expand the /iotawatt directory, right click (windows) on iotamsgs.txt and select download. Please upload that file in your reply.

Let me look at that stuff, and get back to you on how to recover.

I cannot access the control panel of the meter in the first place. So I cannot see this config app anywhere.

However, I can see the ip address of the my meter from my wifi device. Trying to access the meter using this still doesn’t get me to the control panel. What could be the problem

If you had done this a month ago, it would be fixed now.

This was resolved. Thank you for the engagement Sir.