Reusing TED CT's


I have a TED system (The energy detective) with closed loop CT. The main CT(x2) are 200A and the secondary CT(x8) are 60A. The model of the secondary CT are CT003A. 60A/0.45V Yueqing heiyi. The primary CT I can’t see the model and brand (need to open the box).

Would I be able to use all those with iotawatt ? I see there is a custom configuration where I can set a custom CT. Will the CT be accurate ?

I’m thinking about buying an iotawatt with 4x50A CT and use the 2 main 200A from TED and as well as the 8x60A from TED as well.

Would this work ? What are your suggestions ?

Sorry, I’m affraid those CTs are not compatible with IoTaWatt. By your description they appear to be voltage type CTs. IoTaWatt uses current type, specifically 50mA output at rated primary current.

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thanks for the information. Very fast