Reverting MINOR to 02_05_02

Due to some intermittent issues with mDNS (iotawatt.local with Bonjour) I am reverting MINOR users to the prior stable release.

02_05_05 has been in ALPHA and BETA for more than a month, with few reported issues, but I am now hearing from a few users experiencing the issue.

With this problem, the mDNS responder can fail to start so access using iotawatt.local on systems using mDNS (Bonjour) cannot access using iotawatt.local. Access using IP works fine.

IoTaWatt also supports another zeroconf methgod called LLMNR, which seems be working OK. That method is native to Windows machines. Apple products typically use Bonjkour, although it can be installed on most other platforms. It doesn’t appear to be working on Avahi based systems (Linux) as well.

I will keep ALPHA and BETA on this release and will try to get a workable resolution for this soon. The changes came with the new core, which I am very reluctant to abandon because it resolves many issues that I consider to be more important.

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I’ve researched this a bit and it seems that the new core uses a completely new implementation of mDNS that expands the capabilities to include a protocol called DNS_SD.

Along with this, they converted the legacy mDNS use the new DNS-SD module. I’m not inclined to try to figure out why this doesn’t work. Instead, I was able to recvert to the legacy nDNS module, which seems to work reliably.

I’ll cut a release with this fix over the next few days. It will probably include a few other changes that are in the staging pipe, most notably some changes to the influDB service that allow duplicate measurement names and consolidate like named measurements into a more efficient single measurement for upload.

I expect a relatively short burn in period and hope to get MINOR back on the new core ASAP.