Rewire push pin CTs to work with stereo jacks


I have a bunch of push-pin CTs (rated 60A in, 0.45V out) from an old TED (energy detective).

Can I solder stereo jacks onto them and use them with the IotaWatt I just purchased?

If so, how should I solder the wire onto jacks provided? I would be soldering a two-wire (pos/neg) onto a stereo jack that technically is three-wire (right, left, and ground). Am I correct to assume that I simply don’t ground the jack and solder the two-wire pos to the jack right and vice versa for the neg wire?


Those voltage type CTs will not work with IoTaWatt. They have internal burden resistors. IoTaWatt uses 50mA current output CTs and has its own burden resistors. Even if the IoTaWatt burdens were removed, it would want 1V output from the CT.

That said, to answer the question about the stereo jacks, IoTaWatt uses the tip and sleeve.

Thanks! I’ll try and find a way to reuse those CTs elsewhere.