Rogue power use (resolved)

Hi all,
I’m hoping someone on here might help me track down what’s stealing power in my house!
Dramatic i know, but i’ve noticed on a few occasions the mains supply reading showing significant power use over a significant amount of time without any corresponding usage on any monitored circuit. this occurs at different times of the day and i haven’t noticed a pattern yet.
I have every circuit in the house monitored. Last night was a prime example, as you see can see in the screenshot of the graph. The csv data backs it up.

Would there be any were else to check what’s going on?
otherwise all other reading appear accurate.

Thanks in advance

Are you 100% certain that you have a CT on every branch circuit, in addition to the main(s)?

Does the Energy usage for your home from the power company’s bill match the IoTaWatt’s Mains Energy usage? Or does it more align with the sum of the individual CTs?

Edit: Hmmmm, and I wonder how the Solar portion impacts anything… :thinking:

I’ve double checked and i’m certain every breaker in the panel has a CT clamp, and reports data when the device/circuit is in use.
I’ve only had the IoTawatt functional for a short period so haven’t had a bill to compare to.
I can download my smart meter data from my energy supplier and match the data that way, which is my next step.
Solar doesn’t appear to impacting the usage.
i created a custom output to graph the usage and it is a steady usage occurring frequently (3 times in the last 2 days).
I believe it could be the hot water water heat pump.
Have to determine what the sparkies have done.


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You’ve got the tools to figure this out, now just need to devise some experiments. But first a few questions:

This looks like single phase, can you verify that’s the case?

Could you post the inputs and outputs display?

Can you make an output that is the mains + solar - (all of the other circuits) and plot that for the last 24 hours?

Thanks Overeasy, you are completely correct, i do have the tools, i bought it from you!
This is the very reason i wanted to get the IoTaWatt, to find out where and when my energy spend is occurring.
I just noticed my custom output “rogue power” (same as you specified) was showing use so i went outside and confirmed it is indeed the hot water heater.
It is single phase.
I believe the sparkies had to add in the circuit for the hotwater after the switchboard was wired (last minute change in setup, I split the hydronic heating and hot water heat pumps into two separate devices) and hence the breaker/fuse is not mounted on the panel, but rather in behind.

I have solved this problem to my satisfaction, now to optimise the timer on this sucker.

Thanks for the responses.

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Glad to hear you figured it out!