RTC issues causing possible history log corruption

@overeasy log as requested.

Re: https://github.com/boblemaire/IoTaWatt/issues/172

iotamsgs.txt (10.4 KB)

Thanks. Quick response. That confirms that you were on 02_03_10 when this occurred. I made the changes to 02_03_12 which is currently ALPHA but will probably go to BETA and MINOR on Monday. The problem is related to errors in the response from an internet time server response. Looks like you may be in New Zealand. Internet latency has been a problem there in the past.

I’m going to close the issue on Github with reference to 02_03_12. You can go to class ALPHA now or wait until I make it MINOR next week. Sorry you lost your logs. They are time stamped, so when the clock goes haywire, bad things happen.

Thanks @overeasy. I am in New Zealand; I must say though, I haven’t seen issues like this before, and I do have a fairly stable fibre Internet feed.

Have you managed to figure out what type of NTP corruption causes this? Is it possible the software could handle the error gracefully instead of defaulting to 02/07/2036?

What NTP server does it use? Can this be changed?

I just thought I’d add this has happened again.

8/12/18 12:31:28 timeSync: adjusting RTC by -2
2/07/36 18:28:17 timeSync: adjusting RTC by 551941002
8/12/18 14:31:37 timeSync: adjusting RTC by -551941002
8/12/18 17:26:47 EmonService: Invalid configuration.

Instead of losing my history/current log again, is there another way to recover from this?