Run signal wire from a sub-panel

We have a subpanel connected by an automatic transfer switch to our backup generator. In the case of a power failure, the generator picks up the load on the “keep alive” subpanel after a 15 seconds delay. I plan to have a 100-amp CT on the feed to the subpanel, and them monitor several circuits on the same panel. The subpanel is about 20-feet away from the main panel. The IoTaWatt would be located next to the main panel. I believe that a Cat 6 cable can be used to bring the signal from 4 CT’s to the plug in connections on the IoTaWatt . Also, that the signal wire should not be run in conduit with power cables but may not need to be in a separate conduit as they as “low voltage” wiring. Can I run 2-Cat 6 cables 20 +/- feet from 6 CT in the subpanel back to the IoTaWatt?

The devil is in the details, but yes, that should work fine.