Running: 02_02_30 Should I update & how?

Hi Bob, I first installed my IoTaWatt on 29/10/17 pending a tidier install, more accurate calibration and additional CT channels later this year as part of some other work I’m doing in the house.

I note today that I’m running 02_02_30 from ‘Commits on Feb 9, 2018’
Q1. Should I update the firmware to the next most stable?
Q2. How do I do that without breaking what I have?

Also I’ve attached the latest log file where I always see that there are errors. WiFi is good in the IotaWatt location.

Thank you,
SteveIoTaWatt Log 180727.txt (9.7 KB)

Te way update works is that you subscribe to an auto update class and updates are pushed to your IoTaWatt as they become current for that class. 02_02_30 is still the current release for auto-update classes BETA, MINOR, and MAJOR. 02_03_10 is current for class ALPHA. You can change your auto-update class in the Device section of the config app.

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Q2. How do I do that without breaking what I have?[/quote]

Upgrading should not break your system , except that the influxDB support has changed.

I hope to move all of the classes to an 02_03 release soon.

Most of the communications errors logged on your system are things that recover on the first retry. Newer releases do not log communications failures that recover right away. You will see very few when upgraded to 02_03_nn.

Hi Bob - is there a preferred class to be on… I was running MAJOR but it looks like MINOR or even more bleeding may be a better option. Any recommendations for features vs frustration?

02_03_10 is MINOR and is pretty stable. I’m about to follow that with 02_03_11 which is just a couple of minor things changed. I hope to make it the MAJOR release by next week.

There should be no frustration with MINOR and has all the latest features.

Whats the best way to update?
Since changing the channel (from Auto to assigning Channel1) on my WiFi Network the device is stuck.

It boots to 3 red flashing LEDs.

I assumed something was broken and I have no real data yet so was ok to open and try pressing the reset (with power on, held reset for 2 seconds).

Same state so I am assuming I need to maybe format/reload the SD Card.

Any thoughts on best way to start. I don’t care if I lose data/settings and I have notes on all my inputs etc so easy to recreate.

In the end I found my SD Card Reader, copied the contents of /SD from git, changed updates to MINOR and rebooted. Everything just works!


I’m having trouble trying to understand what version to use. We’re developing with Influx and Grafana and would like to use the latest Influx features.

So long story short we set autoupdate to ALPHA, and it updated from 02_02_30 to 02_03_10 and it’s working fine. Now, your message here says 02_03_10 is also MINOR.

… but it seems contradictory with this older message.

We’d like to keep using 02_03_10, specially if it is actually a MINOR. And we would prefer to keep that version if an ALPHA is released soon. Should we just set autoupdate to MINOR to keep it that way?

Thanks !!!

I generally post when I change the release associated with an auto update class. If you set any auto-update class, you will automatically get that. If you want to stay on 02_03_10, the only reliable way to do that is to set your auto-update class to NONE so as to suppress auto-updating. If at some point in the future you decide you would like to have the functions or bug fixes in a newer release, you can join it’s auto-update class and after the update happens (which should be right away), you can go back to NONE. In the future, I plan to add a way to update to a specific release.