RV Energy Monitoring?

Hello All. I rent out space to a couple RV people. One is 50 AMP and the other is 30AMP (separate plug in areas). I would like to monitor their energy use separately and let them pay for exactly what they use. If I get 2 of the IoTaWatts could I do that? Would they just attach to the cords where they plug in? Are they for outdoor use? Thanks for your help!!!

Not for outdoor use without a watertight box. Where are the breakers for the outlets? If they are in the same panel, you can measure both (and then some) with one IoTaWatt.

The breaker box is in an enclosed area and each RV hook up has a separate breaker on that box. So I could get 1 IoTaWatt and hook it up to one breaker OR can I hook 1 IoTaWatt up to each of the three separate breakers to get three separate readings? Or do I have to buy 1 IoTaWatt for each breaker? Thanks

Each 240V breaker will require two current transformers. You can connect up to 14 current transformers to one IoTaWatt. So the answer is yes you can easily connect them all to one IoTaWatt. Can you post a picture of the breaker box with the cover removed to show the wires inside?

I know it looks scary. LOL. We have had part of it rewired to support the 2- 30AMP plugs and the 1- 50AMP plug, however we are going to get the whole barn rewired (and new panel) as soon as we are done with the big house remodel we are doing. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Not sure why it is sideways. Hope you can see it ok.

Your system is also cutting off the bottom half of breaker box. Trying to edit and send another.

Hopefully having 2 images makes it easier to see the whole thing.

That’s good enough. There is room to install the CTs. If you want to monitor anything else in there, you would have excess capacity to do so.

Regarding replacement of the panel, it appears that the ground and neutral are bonded (connected together) which isn’t copacetic in a branch panel. I don’t have the big picture, but if you are connecting to an RV, I’d be careful about standing barefoot in a puddle and grabbing metal on the RV.

OK. I will contact the electrician to get on top of this ASAP. Thank you!
So could you please tell me exactly what I need to buy to Monitor the USAGE Separately of a 50AMP breaker and 2- 30AMP breakers. Thank you again for all your help!!!

Could you please tell me exactly what I need to buy to Monitor the USAGE Separately of a 50AMP breaker and 2- 30AMP breakers. I would like to buy today.Thank you again for all your help!!!

Are you there Overeasy?