Safety and Regulatory compliance complete!

It’s been a long and complicated process, but today marks the passage of final inspection for the US and Canada ETL Listing Mark. ETL is a registered trademark of Intertek, a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL), that certified IoTaWatt to the UL, CSA and EU safety standards when used with UL Recognized power supplies, VT transformers, and Current Transformers.

Additionally, IoTaWatt has been tested by other authorities to comply with FCC Part B requirements and the CE Radio Emissions Directive RED. Over the next week I’ll be trying to setup a rudimentary eCommerce capability with the goal of availability Aug 1. Initially I’ll be servicing US shipping addresses only. Units with CE only are available internationally from Open Energy Monitor.


Did you have to make any changes to get these certifications?
I guess what I’m curious about it whether there is anything to be aware of using IoTaWatts from the OEM store in the US.
Or is it all to do with the sticker & being allowed to sell them here?

There is no physical difference. Both are from the same manufacturing run and no changes were required to achieve compliance. Now that they are certified, it would actually be very expensive to change anything.

How can I order one with the ETL label? I live in the US.