Sanity check my design?

Ahoy there! Before I placed an order and got an electrician involved I thought I should check that I understand what I need. Below is what our full panel looks like, as well as a close up of the double breakers. I’d say that my level of experience is just enough to be dangerous, I suspect that some breakers will need to be moved around or combined or something in order to setup IoTaWatt.

A few notes on the things I’m unclear of:

  • The breakers in slots 1 and 3 are the most confusing - they appear to be 2x 70A breakers on a common trip? I think the electrician who installed the sub panel for the hot tub combined the A/C with the Oven here from slots 6 & 8? Would I need 2x 100A CT to monitor the oven and the A/C? Or do I need 4x 50A?
  • The dryer appears to be 2x 30A breakers, would I want 2x 50A CTs? Or 1x 100A?
  • The hot tub sub panel is 2x 60A breakers, would I want 2x 100A CTs or 1x 200A?

The rest of the breakers are 20A, I assume that I’d want a 50A CT for each that I want to monitor?

Is there anything I’m missing or not thinking of before ordering?

Thank you!