Sanity check on IoTaWatt bundle

Hi fellow energy monitors!

I recently had PV installed on our house (6.6kw panels and 5kw inverter) and am looking at getting an IoTaWatt to help us better keep track of energy usage to drive down costs and make the most of the PV.

I’m in Australia so will get the Australian bundle and pick up a AC transformer locally for reference voltage.

I’m planning on getting 1 100A CT and 8 50A CT to cover the circuits in our house.

  1. 100A - main feed from distribution meter
  2. 50A - A/C 1
  3. 50A - A/C 2
  4. 50A - Oven
  5. 50A - Hob
  6. 50A - Lights
  7. 50A - GPO circuit 1
  8. 50A - GPO circuit 2
  9. 50A - PV

Is there something I’m missing, or if I order the above will I be able to get it set up and working fine?


Hello Nick,
There are many IoTaWatt in installed in Australia, most are three-phase. If you are single phase, what you listed should work fine. You will also need to source a USB power supply (model listed in stuff store).

Thanks for the reply overeasy.

Yes, my property has a single phase supply. I have a bunch of USB power supply’s from phones over the years so I can just use one of those.

Are you aware of a make/model/part number of a suitable enclosure for the IoTaWatt unit?

And is it typical to have a power point installed in the additional enclosure or in the main switchboard?

I use this Orbit Sprinkler Control Box, in the USA. It is weatherproof and lockable, and has a 120V GFCI inside that works great for the power supply and AC adapter in North America. The unit fits great:

I don’t know what is common down there. There are quite a few users there, so someone may comment.

Would this one be suitable? Seems to be somewhat similar dimensions, maybe slightly narrower.

Comes with a DIN rail too which should make mounting electrical components in it easier.

It’s smaller than the Orbit, but should work even if a tight fit.

Thanks mate.

I just put an order in. I will discuss enclosures with my electrician I think.