SCT-013-000 Accuracy

I bought a set of SCT-013-000’s from Amazon because I was in a rush to try to add a few more circuits to monitor. The listing lists them as a 50 amp unit. exact item. But shouldn’t the -000 indicate it’s a 100 amp unit?

I’m noticing these are not accurate. With a 60 watt light bulb, they read about 43 watts.

I found a old thread discussing the SCT013-XXX models and they are a voltage type instead of a CT type. Did I miss something, or is this typical mislabeled chineseium?

[EDIT] I’m reading a review on an identical product stating all except the 100a units are 1v output instead of mv output and contain burden resistors.

As cheap as these were, is it worth trying to remove the internal resistor, or just send them back?

I’d return them to Amazon.

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Sounds like a plan. Are the 100a 50mv output ones worth a damn for measuring smaller loads?

I’ll probably end up just ordering more accu ct 50a’s from you. I got tempted with the cheap price and next day gratification :slight_smile:

They are OK, but my opinion is that 50A AccuCT is a better choice.

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