SD Card Backup and Recovery

Is a backup of the card needed to be performed or is this even possible? From what I know so far, I think I would only be interested in historic data backup as reconfiguring the inputs/output would not be that big a deal if this card were to fail.

The SDcard can be backed up by removing it from the IoTaWatt and backing up on a general purpose computer. Not a convenient everyday solution.

SDcard wear is much lower with the current firmware releases and under ordinary circumstances should not cause failure. The best approach to regular backup of your data would be to upload to influxDB or Emoncms.

The config file is currently backed up in the SPIFFS file system on the ESP8266 and can usually be recovered if rebuilding an SDcard.

What is it that I am actually backing up though? When I go into the IotaWatt/Tool/File Manager option I see some config/log/html but no power usage related data. Having just started with IotaWatt I think I only need to have backups of the csv data for each input/output.

It’s not practical to try to backup the datalogs with the file manager. They are as large as 2GB.

The datalogs are in the /iotawatt directory.

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I am curious how far back logs go in time. In otherwords, can I download csv files of an input going back 1 month? 2 months? etc…

Five second resolution data goes back one year. One minute resolution data goes back ten years. That said, downloading CSV data with Query can be time consuming and the unit does not sample while downloading. So it needs to be done in small chunks and reassembled when requesting a lot of lines.

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:smiley: Thats a lot of data. More than I’ll need. After writing my own code and getting data from IotaWatt via Hubitat I happen to come across the Query documentation in your manual. My fault but now I now have a simple python script that retrieves data from IotaWatt and updates my Excel spreadsheet (or whatever in the future).

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