SD card corrupted


I got a new IotaWatt only at the end of October, and recently it seems the SD card has failed on it. Last week it went offline, and I found it flashing green-red-red-green (config file unreadable).

Checking the SD card all the filenames were showing as corrupted. I managed to read the log file but that’s all, before the card seems to have died and won’t even show up in Windows anymore. On Linux I can see it but cannot format it. Any idea how this happened? Its barely 5 months old. It seemed to happen when doing a scheduled reboot - but perhaps that’s just when it failed at boot and it was corrupted prior to that.


code: -11
2/28/23 00:38:23 Updater: Invalid response from server. HTTPcode: -4
3/17/23 16:51:37 timeSync: Six week routine restart.

** Restart **

SD initialized.
3/17/23 20:51:38z Real Time Clock is running. Unix time 1679086298
3/17/23 20:51:38z Reset reason: Software/System restart
3/17/23 20:51:38z Trace:  1:3, 1:3, 1:3, 1:3, 1:3, 1:3, 1:3, 1:3, 1:3, 1:3, 1:3, 1:1[1], 1:2[2], 9:0[2], 9:0, 9:1, 8:4, 8:6, 8:8, 9:3, 9:5, 9:9, 1:3, 1:3, 1:6[1], 1:6[2], 1:6[2], 1:6[3], 1:5[20], 1:6[4], 20:0, 20:1
3/17/23 20:51:38z ESP8266 ID: 14600953, RTC PCF8523 (68)
3/17/23 20:51:38z IoTaWatt 5.0, Firmware version 02_08_02
3/17/23 20:51:38z SPIFFS mounted.
3/17/23 20:51:38z setConfig: config.txt open failed.
3/17/23 20:51:38z config file invalid, attempting recovery.
3/17/23 20:51:38z configuration recovery unsuccessful.
3/17/23 20:51:38z Local time zone: +0:00
3/17/23 20:51:38z device name: IotaWatt
3/17/23 20:51:38z HTTP server started

Your order number was 127687. Please see this post regarding potential SDproblems with units shipped in the last quarter of 2022:

I will send out a new card today. The card will have all of the root files for your current release, including a skeleton config file as shipped with new units. There is a copy of your last good config file stored in processor memory ESPSPIFFS. This post describes how to access that and install.

Sorry for the trouble. I agree it should not fail after six months, or even 5 years. The replacement card is an Industrial rated Sandisk card.


Great, thank you! Amazing support as usual!

Back in business, restored the config from the esp_spiffs

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