SD Card Failure

This is more just for your stats on SD card failures. My iotawatt has been running since Dec. of 2022 so just a bit over 1 year and yesterday morning it failed with the Green-Red-Red. I popped out the card and sure enough could not read it. I replaced it with one I had on hand which was a 64GB Samsung Endurance Pro (what i use in my cameras) and it came back to life. Now to reconfigure it, should have taken a backup of the config, not concerned about the data since I send that to influx more the config.

I do like this product and it is well done, SD cards fail just surprised this one failed so soon.

There is a copy of your config in the processor memory. See this post to restore it.

I’ve changed to using Samsung Industrial cards.


So what are the odds of having both, a dead SDCard and a bad card reader? The SD Card is certainly unrecognized by my Windows and Linux OSes. So I proceeded to format a 64Gb SanDisk Max Endurance card and install the required files. However, I’m still experiencing the annoying Green, Red, Red LED sequence.
I formatted the card twice. The first time in Windows and the second one in Linux. The first time in Windows I was following the Troubleshooting documentation so I didn’t use any special software to format and didn’t check whether the card was being formatted as exfat vs FAT32.

Frustrated with the results I tried again in Linux and this is when I remembered about the forum. I couldn’t use the special formatting software (not available for Linux) but this time I confirmed that the card was formatted as FAT32 instead of exfat. Any other ideas?

BTW, I have been testing just connecting the factory microUSB adapter (no AC).

The odds are slim. Occam’s Razor points to a bad SDcard or SD formatting. So trying a new 8GB SDHC level 10 formatted with the SD card association formatter would be my next move.

Probably unrelated, but you need to have the AC adapter connected if unit is not on release 02_08_02.