SD card unreadable, how to recover system?

Stopped communicating. RED-RED-GREEN LED
Started broadcasting “ESP-F344B2” instead of iotawatt.
After reading some posts here, I replaced the Micro-SD card.
Started broadcasting “iotawatt”.

Is getting a DHCP address OK, but when I browse the IP, returns:
Not found: GET, URI: /

The original SD card can’t be read by any systems I tried (MacOS, Debian, Win-10)
New SD card works, here is what was written to it:
** Restart **

SD initialized.
6/05/24 13:10:47z Real Time Clock is running. Unix time 1717593047
6/05/24 13:10:47z Reset Reason: Power-fail restart.
6/05/24 13:10:47z ESP8266 ID: 15942834, RTC PCF8523 (68)
6/05/24 13:10:47z IoTaWatt 5.0, Firmware version 02_08_03
6/05/24 13:10:47z SPIFFS mounted.
6/05/24 13:10:47z setConfig: config.txt open failed.
6/05/24 13:10:47z config file invalid, attempting recovery.
6/05/24 13:10:47z configuration recovery unsuccessful.
6/05/24 13:10:47z Local time zone: +0:00
6/05/24 13:10:47z device name: IotaWatt
6/05/24 13:10:50z Connecting with WiFiManager.
6/05/24 13:10:53z HTTP server started

LED is RED-RED-GREEN-GREEN, so what do I replace the missing/corrupt config.txt file with?

It is not entering AP (Access Point) mode.
How can I access the iotawatt to configure it?