Seeking information on this Emoncms dashboard style

I am new to Iotawatt and am getting ready to order a US system. I have seen the following dashboard image on the Emoncms website, and am wondering if this dashboard is something specially designed for a specific individual’s own private use, or if it is something readily available to anyone, so I could download it for use on my own local emoncms server I would like to set up here.


Doing more research, it appears this is called a dashboard for Emoncms, and dashboards are available as part of the software downloadable from Github. All this is fairly new to me. Once I get into this, I hope to run the software locally on a Windows 10 PC I have that already runs 24-7 for a few other tasks.

Any information to help me sort all this out will be appreciated. :slight_smile:

That is a sample of my ever changing dashboard and I would be happy to assist when you are up and running. All of the energy items come from the IoTaWatt (mostly the dials) and the other data is pulled from my weather station using a SDR (Software Defined Radio) pulling it via 433mhz. You are correct that it is from the standard Dashboard in EmonCMS. I use the locally hosted solution on a Raspberry Pi 3B+.

Here is what the current looks like as I have added my home battery and smart meter to the dashboard. I am also working on getting a feed from my inverter so I do not have to go out and read my meter for submission of my generation to the state for credits at the end of each month. Not fun when it is cold and snowy. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for the information, and offer to help me set things up! I’m sure I’ll need some help along the way. However, right after my order arrived our oil furnace began failing, and after long hours spent by 4 different repair techs trying to revive it, we will have to get a new furnace. So things are rather hectic right now. Once things settle down back to normal, I will have the time to start installing my new IotaWatt system. I hope I can get back to you at that time, whenever it may be, for some help as needed.