Sending iotawatt to ISRAEL

Hi Bob,

I love your iotawatt project and this forum.I’ve been watching the threads for a while.
since you also have the EU power supply in your shop, it looks like it’s feasible to get onw from your shop.
The only problem I have is the fact that ISRAEL is not on your sending countries.

Can you add it ?

Thank You,

Hi Yariv,

Pretty sure I can do that. I’m expecting some euro USB power supplies in the next few days. When they come in I’ll be adding a Euro package to the stuff store. I’ll add Israel at that time so check back say next Tuesday.

Thanks for the interest.

Give it a try, Yariv

Thanks , I have ISRAEL now.
but shipment is a little pricy.

I’ll order next week.

It is what it is. No matter to me. I don’t know why I bother with the $20 flat rate. Half the folks want it faster and pay the full cost for priority, and the other half wants it free.