Set combobox order for saved graphs?

The order of saved graphs in the Graph+ dropdown-combobox list appears to be the order of their creation.
This is the same order in the SD Editor graphs folder for hashed TXT file names.
Can this order be changed to something more logical, either alpha order of the saved graph names, or manually edited in some config file? When there are lots of saved graphs, ordering by creation date isn’t of much use. It’s only a very minor suggestion.

Sure. On startup, Graph+ requests the names of the saved files and builds the dropdown list. It’s probably like three or four lines of javascript to sort it. Send me a PR.

overeasy dumb question sorry, what’s a PR?

Pull Request. The Graph+ code is in the github repository. You clone it, make the changes, and then send a pull request for me to pull your changes into the project.

If I had 8266 development experience & could verify on my local unit before a PR, then I’d be happy to contribute. But it’d be silly to make a javascript code change blind (a language I haven’t used in 10 years). No worries, it was just a thought.

I notice if I download a saved graph+ txt file then upload it again, the file is shifted up the file manager & graph+ combobox lists. It appears the list is sorted by date (latest modified date(s) at the top), but unfortunately reverse sorted by time for each specific date (latest modified time(s) at the bottom). So if you want a graph to appear at the top of the list, modify it & only it, for the day. Of course it will be kicked off top spot as soon as another graph is modified.

The graphs are listed in the order their files are listed in the directory. Simple as that. The original SD class had no rename method, so when a file is edited, it is replaced by deleting and creating a new file. That probably inserts it at the head of the directory list.

I never gave the order of the files much thought, but it would be trivial to sort them in Graph+ before building the dropdown list elements. Anybody?