Ship to zimbabwe

Morning - is it possible for you send to zimbabwe?

UPS appears to accept packages to Zimbabwe. To be more certain, I would need the address to verify with UPS. I’ve enabled shipping in the web site. If you place an order, I’ll validate the shipping address through UPS before shipping. For larger orders or special arrangements, please contact me @overeasy using the Private Message facility in this forum.

You would know better any potential issues with import clearance. I have a good number of African customers that have US or European connections and take delivery there to be couriered to Africa.

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@overeasy - thanks for the really quick response, and action.

At the moment i have 1 site to install on - but am positive that will go up.

the shipping address would be Harare Zimbabwe.

That should be OK. You can lace the order through the stuff webstore.