Shipping to Ireland?

Hi there, I’d like to place an order for delivery to Ireland but it’s not on the list of countries for shipping. I do have a parcel forwarding account for the U.S. but I can’t use that either as I can’t enter my Irish address in the billing details. Any chance of adding Ireland to either the shipping or billing please?


All set Colm. Give it another try.

Great, thank you! Order placed.

Hi Colm,

Do you happen to remember how long it took to deliver to Ireland? Looking to order one myself.

Also did you manage to find one of the VRTs with a 3-pin plug?


Hi Niall,

It took a lot longer than I expected. I think it was a bit under 3 weeks. There was some VAT and a donation to An Post to pay too, of course.
I was going to use a regular 9V transformer that I’ve lying around. I presume they perform the same?


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Hi Colm,

Thanks for the letting me know. 2-3 weeks is a fair stretch, it’ll probably end up getting delivered by Santa.