Shut off power now what

I need help… I shut off my mains and when I turned the mains back on I chose the wrong network … now what do I do to get back to that screen to chose the right one? The iotawatt is blinking red green green. Now it’s staying red… I tried now to disconnect from WiFi network but I don’t think that worked because the last WiFi network I signed the iotawatt into (by mistake) was not my network that I just tried to disconnect from… the network I signed into by mistake was my roku which I can’t do anything with… I need to know how to diisconnect from it and then sign into the original WiFi that I set my roku up with

I am pretty sure that if you unplug the ‘wrong WiFi’ signal source, the IoTaWatt will eventually revert back to its mode of becoming an Access Point (may need to reboot it once the errant WiFi signal is disabled.) Have you tried connecting your SmartPhone, Tablet, or Laptop’s WiFi to the IoTaWatt like you did originally? Once you connect, you should be able to select the correct WiFi network for the IoTaWatt to connect to.

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I’m reading what u said, plz don’t go anywhere

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I connected to my roku device by mistake… it’s not even an internet source. I unplugged the roku

Power down the Roku so it can no longer be a WiFi source…

Then, follow the normal directions for connecting your IoTaWatt to your real WiFi network.

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I’ve tried all that… it just starts reg green green then goes to red after a while and iota does not show up to connect. Like it’s still trying to connect to the last WiFi-roku

I am all out of ideas. I am sure @overeasy will be able to assist you.

I think he goes to bed early…
OMG I did it, it worked this time thanks ogie


You’re welcome! Glad you got it connected.

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