Siggestions for Graph+ and Original Graph

Here’s a couple of suggestions. One for Graph+ and one for Original Graph that could be useful

Ablility to define the Y-axis (min & max) for each parameter going into the graph even if multiple parameters are the same type. For example to plot one input to the graph over say 0 to 5 Amps and also plot another input for Amps over range of say 100 to 105 Amps and like in Original Graph be able to place the Y-axis scales on left or right as appropriate. Right now every Amp plot shares the same scale and graphing widely different values will result in the larger value compressing the smaller value at the bottom of the graph…

Original Graph:
To have Amps available in the “Feeds” list.

As far as that goes I presume if I push my data out to an influxDB database then I would be able to do something like this in grafana. I must admin I’m not there yet.

I would suggest using influxdb and Grafana. Grafana can do all you want and more, but it will require some effort to learn exactly how to do it.

I know I resisted taking the time to figure out how to use influxdb. Partly that was because the graphing in IotaWatt is pretty good. But, it really doesn’t have the resources that even a Raspberry Pi does, let alone something more powerful.