Small 6 Space RV Park 200 AMP need Amp and KW draw

I have a small Private RV Park that I have a 200 amp meter and want to monitor the electrical on each of the sites that are 50 amp each for amps and kw? I need to be able to view the information over the internet as we do not live on site and travel frequently. Would this be a good application for this equipment?

Yes. I would need more details to make a specific recommendation though.

Each of the RV electrical pestal have 50,30 and 20 amp. All are tied into the main panel of where I could connect a system. I am getting comcast for internet.

Probably some pictures of the panel would be best. Not real familiar with RV hookups. I’m thinking the three sockets are twist lock 240V and that a tenant would use whichever is appropriate for their rig? Does the main panel have a single 50A breaker for each or three individual breakers for each?