Smart Meter causing wifi interference?

Been using IoTaWatt for a couple of years without problem. Last week, I had my electricity meter upgraded to a new smart meter. Ever since, I have had a slow down on the IoTaWatt web interface and the HA HACS integration has stopped working (i.e. " * Unexpected error fetching iotawatt data: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘text’"). InfluxDB uploader seems to work fine.

In the UK, smart meters use zigbee 2.4GHz to talk to the gas meter and display device. The IoTaWatt is directly beside the meter’s comms hub. I have tried switching the WiFi AP’s channel but that doesnt seem to have an effect. Anyone else seeing similar problems? Unfortunately, I can’t just turn of the electricity meter to test if that is the problem!

Thanks for the warning. Something I will have to get assurances about when the utilities finally force a ‘smart’ meter on me (my 3 phase has thankfully meant it has been “too difficult” so far).

I’m a sceptic but I know one person with relatively low usage, solar, battery wall and EVs (single phase) who makes good use of the variable tariffs that smart meters make possible.

Couple of thoughts (not sure how sensible)

  1. Report the meter as faulty because it is creating interference - iotawatt worked prior to change, doesn’t now. They may provide an alternative model or have an engineer code or internal switch to disable zigbee while leaving the mobile comms that enable them to read the meter and disconnect your supply remotely still working. With the SIM card installed they might not need to visit the property.

  2. Put a metal biscuit tin around it (suitably earthed) and see if that reduces the problem (faraday cage). If it does then option 1 has more evidence. It might have a side effect of turning you Smart meter into a dumb one so might not be ideal of you are using the half hourly variable tariffs like my friend with the battery.

  3. One person may have found a way to (possibly) disable it Hacking your Smart Meter – Part 1 – Zigbee – Terence Eden’s Blog

Good luck.