Solar CT dropping watts when low

Couple of things I’m curious about if anyone experiences the same.
I’m on 240v (NZ)
I have the UK gear vref Ideal 77DE-06-09 from the iota store
and the AcuCT-H040-50 and 100 for mains
6kw solar

question 1. the vref on my solar inverter is quite a bit different to my multi meter (fluke) at the moment I’m matching the inverter - what should I trust?
question 2. when my solar production drops down to about 120w the CT drops to around 30-20w Should I move the CT? or is this expected, my general production if off by about 500w for the day and import/export is off by a couple kw (100A CT) for the day

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The CTs won’t be especially accurate at less than 1% load.

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That’s what I imagined would be the case.

You can probably endeavor to find a corroborating reference for the Fluke meter. Not sure what that has to do with the IoTaWatt.

I would expect the CT to be accurate to within a few Watts. 120W is 0.5A, so that’s pretty significanr.

No, that should not matter. Current is uniform throughout a circuit.

Don’t understand what you are saying here. Production over time is measured in kWh, but you can’t be off by 500 kWh.

Same comment, although you might mean a couple of kWh.

Accuracy errors of that magnitude are usually caused by a configuration issue or installation fault with the CT. I’d like to see the actual numbers in the form of a Graph+ trace of the solar production for a day and whatever you are comparing it to. A status display during solar production would also be helpful.

I don’t agree that should be expected, but it is true that a 50A CT may be more appropriate. A 50A CT should be good to about 12kW at 240V.

one of the 50A CTs were a bit rattley when I took it out of the bag, I wonder if one is faulty. Sorry I will get back with some more data/info soon.