Solar Generation Not Adding Up


I have finally received and installed the device & clamps in Australia.

For the moment, my setup is to monitor 3 phase main & 3 phase solar generation as below.


And the output calculation is;

Then, when I look at the status, it seems like the solar generation is less than the real figures.

This is the figure from the inverter itself at the same time.

Any idea what could have gone wrong?

Many thanks for help!

Okay, I had a deep look and the setup for the main was not done properly, so I reconfigured it as per the documentation.
(By the way, any reason why Input 2 does not show “pf xx”??)

Input 1 is the same phase as VT and Input 3 shows about 1/2 load when connecting a hairdryer, so must be phase 3.

Now it is nearly night and the solar total in IoTaWatt shows a bit more than the inverter portal, so I will see if it works well tomorrow when the Sun rises.

scrnli_1_29_2022_9-05-36 PM

The inverter started to generate again this morning, and the total generation in IoTaWatt still seems to be less than what it is on the inverter portal.



scrnli_1_30_2022_8-39-07 AM

Any idea what I would need to change?

Thank you.

It looks as though your phase assignments are still wrong. The inverter should be producing at a very high power-factor. Your Input_3 is probably wrong as well with PF 0.09. Are you sure that all of the CTs are oriented the same way and that “reverse” is not checked on any of them?

I think I have figured it out and yes the phase configuration was wrong.
What I though was phase C was actually phase B…

IoTaWatt is now showing;

Which is close to the figure from the Inverter portal.
scrnli_1_30_2022_3-08-46 PM

Thank you!!

That looks better. Solar can jump around so it’s hard to come up with a snapshot to compare. If your inverter reports kWh, it would be worthwhile to compare its daily production vs. the IoTaWatt. That should be closer.