Solid red LED, no network - resolved

One of my units was having some issues (could not connect via wifi), so I tried to do some troubleshooting. Ultimately removed the SD card, was able to mount it (Linux), and re-inserted it into the IoTaWatt with a different power supply. Booted fine, was up for ~6 minutes before I decided to try the original power supply again, and it has been unresponsive since. Get one blue blink on the ESP board and solid red on the IoTaWatt status LED when re-powering the unit.

In the 6 minutes it was up it transferred approximately 325MB of data; not sure if it was uploaded to Influx or downloading firmware. The unit is running 02.07.05.

What is the recommended next step? Update firmware with esptool?

You can send it back and I’ll take a look. I would deal have dealt with the original WiFi issue before you took it apart, but too many variables now to have a productive forum debug.

Thanks. I ordered another unit (will likely need another in a few months anyway), and I may take you up on the offer. I would love to try to understand how to troubleshoot it … but teaching that over a forum is a poor use of your time.

I appear to have found my issue; it was corrosion (or something) on the SD card holder solder pins, appeared to short four pins together. Carefully scraped that away and it was back working.

The unit is installed outside (in a wood enclosure) and close to the ocean, so I do get a lot of corrosion. Also have a lot of geckos that can make a mess of electronics.

Interesting. Add a constant 5V potential to that mix and I can see some chemical action in that environment. A weatherproof plastic box would probably slow that down, and maybe some desiccant.

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